What is Cua Dao Cockfighting? How to Choose a Fighting Knife Chicken to Always Win

What is knife spur cockfighting? Most of those new to this subject have similar questions. This is not too difficult to understand because in cockfighting there are many technical terms given to serve different types of bets. To  New88 Provide important information to help players answer the above question in the most detailed way.
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What is knife spur cockfighting?

Knife cockfighting One of the most attractive cockfighting genres in famous arenas at the present time. True to its name, the cocks participating in these matches will have knife spurs attached to their legs during the fighting process. This is an extremely effective method to increase damage and cause opponents to be defeated quickly.

What is the purpose of cockfighting? That is to add drama and excitement to the match, requiring participating chickens to have good fighting skills and extensive experience. Because when they have sharp weapons, chickens will be able to defeat their opponents with just one accurate kick, completely different from regular cockfighting matches.

What are the rules for cockfighting matches?

Like other types of cockfighting, cockfighting will also have its own rules and regulations. Competing in the same weight class and with additional spurs will be arranged by the cock ring owners to compete against each other. 

Certain factors that will apply in a cockfighting match are: Cockfighting, time in the round and analysis of results. Bettors just need to watch the match and understand the betting rules to increase their odds of winning.

How long does the match take place for cockfighting?

According to the regulations of many cockfighting rings, 15 minutes is the time each round will take place. After finishing one round, the cocks will rest for 5 minutes before fighting in the second round. When the cocks rest, this is the recovery period. 

To have a way to always win higher in cockfighting, the chicken owners should massage the chickens to ensure the best physical health of the fighting cocks. With the match taking place quite quickly, this method can be quite effective.

Comment on the match results

The referee will be the only person with the right to decide and announce the winner of the match. This is also a person who understands cockfighting laws thoroughly with many years of experience and is trusted by many people. Want to know what the results of cockfighting are? Then players can apply the general rules as prescribed below:

  • A chicken that dies right in the ring will be considered a loss.
  • Chickens that lose the ability to fight after the fight are also considered losers.
  • Chickens do not kick, bite, or resist losing.
  • If the chicken runs away during the fight and does not come back to fight, it is considered a loss.

Betting options used in cockfighting

What are the gates placed in cockfighting spurs? At almost all online bookies, there are typically two sides: the house and the guest house. Compared to actual cockfighting, there will be a number of terms that people need to remember to ensure the most accurate betting process.

  • Bet on the house that will choose the door: MERON
  • Place your bet and the away team will choose to enter: WALA
  • Betting on a draw will select entry: BDD

Maybe you don’t know that MERON and WALA are Tagalog languages ​​that originate from the Filipino people. In which, MERON means: yes and WALA means: no. This will show the opposition in a fierce match like cockfighting.

The secret to choosing chickens brings the highest winning rate

Through the above content, everyone must have been able to answer the question, “What is cockfighting?” Next, let us show you how to choose powerful and brave cocks that have the ability to quickly finish off your opponents. A good fighting cock will possess outstanding characteristics such as:

Choose chickens based on appearance

Choosing fighting cocks based on appearance in cockfighting What is a knife spur? The way to distinguish between a knife-fighting chicken and a chicken that has good fighting ability based on its appearance is to observe the overall appearance of the chicken. These are factors that help players distinguish whether a chicken has the potential to win or not.
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Characteristics to identify include: plumage, gait, eyes and crowing sound… Below is detailed information about the chicken’s appearance so bettors can identify it:

  • Chicken eyes: The cock’s eyes must be bright, showing cunning and mischief. If a chicken’s eyes are dull, it’s likely that the chicken is weak or has a problem.
  • Chicken comb: In reality, when competing, many players will choose chickens with small combs. This is a characteristic that helps the warrior be able to compete better and not get caught in the process of fighting.
  • Chicken legs: The legs must be long, strong, and muscular to withstand impacts from opponents. In addition, dry leg scales are best.
  • Crowing sound: You should choose chickens that have a long crowing sound and a ringing sound. This is a sign of a cock with great internal strength and health.
  • Wings: how to choose chicken fighting wings, what are the spurs? You should choose chickens that are hard, strong, and strong, the main weapon that helps the chickens gain the upper hand in the match.
  • Gait: Good chickens walk straight and not wobbly, especially the steps are taken majestically and firmly.

Choose chicken based on health

Health is one of the important points to distinguish between a regular chicken and a fighting chicken. What are the factors to check health when participating in cockfighting? Currently you can rely on popular features such as:

  • Chicken’s mouth: Check to see if the mouth has any odor or any abnormalities. If you see spots on the tongue, a slimy mouth and an unpleasant odor, this is a sick chicken that needs to be removed immediately. 
  • Fishing buoy: The chicken’s fishing buoy must be clean with no feces around it. This is a very easy to recognize feature of whether a chicken’s health is good or not. Choose a clean chicken that will be a real fighter for you. 
  • Chicken manure: The way to choose a fighting chicken based on chicken manure is if the manure is green or white, or if the manure is diluted. There is a very high possibility that this chicken may be sick and should not be bet or kept for training.

Choose fighting cocks based on skills

What is choosing betting results through cockfighting skills? The skills of fighting cocks, in addition to regular training, are also an extremely important factor when choosing a cock. If you want to know what abilities a cock has, you should check two parts: legs and wings.

The wings are considered one of the three main parts to defeat the enemy from the chicken used in combat. That’s why good fighting chickens must have extremely strong wings and a wide span. These two factors can help the rooster maintain balance and perform devastating attacks on his opponent.

To test the chicken’s wings, you need to hold the chicken to your chest, followed by tossing the chicken up high to evaluate its ability to fly in a short time. Repeat this action about 3 times. If you see the chicken flying well, you can choose to raise it or place a bet.

The way to choose a fighting chicken is to check the legs with the knife in the same way as to check the chicken wings. Hold the chicken close to your chest and then toss it into the air. If you see the chicken landing steadily on the ground and walking gently without wobbling, then this is a good fighting cock.


What are 5 tips to win money when participating in cockfighting?

Cockfighting is a very interesting betting subject, giving participants an element of surprise about both the developments and results of the match. If you want to effectively participate in betting on this game and receive big prizes, you need to know the tips for cockfighting to increase your odds of winning. Some betting methods from the experts below will help you be more confident when putting down money:

1. Choose a dealer

What are the tips for choosing a bookmaker in cockfighting? It depends on how prestigious and quality the players participating in the online playground are. This greatly determines the outcome of your bet.  New88 has reputation, ensures benefits such as compensation or absolute protection of player information.

2. Master the rules of the game

As we said above, the rules of the game are something everyone should learn before betting. Having complete knowledge will help you know what to do before the match time.

3. Analytical skills

Analyzing the combat history information of two fighting cocks is a factor that helps players gain important bases. Extremely good support in predicting match results based on characteristics such as win-loss ratio, fighting skills, and current performance of each chicken.

4. Know how to read a chicken’s appearance

What is physiognomy when participating in cockfighting? This is a skill that not all bettors have, it requires experience and expertise of each person. You can also rely on the chicken selection knowledge we mentioned above to effectively see the chicken’s appearance.

Above is all the knowledge  New88 Summary to help bettors answer the question: What is cockfighting? Hopefully with this useful information you can choose for yourself strong fighting cocks or can serve to make betting at the house more effective.

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