Social Media Examiner Review

Social Media Examiner should need no introduction, but for those unfamiliar: Social Media Examiner is the premier social media marketing resource online, helping millions of businesses leverage social media effectively for increased traffic, brand recognition and sales growth. In addition to hosting an industry leading physical conference called “Social Media Marketing World”, they also host the Social Media Marketing Podcast as well as The Social Media Marketing Society – making Social Media Examiner an indispensable source of insight on this field of marketing.

Michael Stelzner is the creator of Social Media Examiner and Social Media Success Summits, providing businesses with answers to their social media queries through helpful how-to articles, case studies, expert interviews, and how-to books such as Launch: How to Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond the Competition and The Social Media Marketing Industry Report.

Social Media Examiner offers resources and tools that stay current with social media developments, while attending conferences to learn from other marketers and gain fresh perspectives.

As part of their ongoing efforts to keep their audiences up-to-date, the team hosts weekly talk shows in Facebook Groups. These talks cover everything from recent updates on major platforms to tips and strategies for building social media businesses – each episode receiving millions of downloads!

Many show guests see joining these groups as an opportunity to give back and support others’ success. By sharing tips and experiences as well as inviting other members into discussions, many guests find immense pleasure from participating. One popular show that explores agency marketing is The Marketing Agency Show.

Social Media Examiner offers both talk shows and industry reports online, such as its longest-running annual study on how marketers are using social media, and the Creator Monetization Report that details how video content creators and bloggers make money off social media.

Social Media Examiner features a dedicated blog and offers free training through its membership site, Social Media Marketing Society. Their aim is to show social media marketers how they can maximize their efforts with limited time and budgets by offering expert guidance, actionable advice, and actionable guidance.

OptinMonster’s Exit Intent feature has also proven effective at increasing conversions for their team. By adding an exit-intent popup to their site, they are able to capture more emails from visitors who are ready to leave the page and capture them more efficiently. They have tried different styles and placements of optins – with lightbox style optins proving particularly successful.

The Social Media Marketing Society offers marketers who wish to improve their efficiency and effectiveness a great opportunity. In addition to free podcasts and courses online, live webinars with experts, a conference, as well as various marketing tools – it provides all these and much more within its community of welcoming, supportive members with confidence to face change head on.

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