How to Write an Effective Health Essay

Health is of utmost importance in life. People who are healthy enjoy higher quality lives, are happier, more productive, work efficiently and effectively, live longer and tend to eat healthy diets; yet not everyone knows the keys to being healthy – some believe it comes down to luck or family history while others see being healthy as dependent on what type of foods one consumes, exercise they get and whether or not one smokes.

The World Health Organization defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being that goes beyond mere absence of disease or infirmity”. This definition aligns with the biopsychosocial model of health which takes into account physiological, psychological and social factors and their interactions in illness and health; as well as being consistent with many national constitutions enshrining constitutional rights to health as well as international covenants on enjoying highest standards of health.

Even with recent gains in health research, much remains to be done. Information gaps exist regarding person-centred data collection as well as insufficient numbers on certain key populations such as indigenous Australians and refugees – this could affect service provision, policy formulation and outcome for these groups.

When writing about health, it is vital that writers utilize credible sources and cite them where possible. Citations will allow readers to independently verify your claims and strengthens credibility of content produced. Also helpful are links that lead to additional resources or studies so readers may explore more deeply if desired.

Writing articles using clear and plain language is also crucial. Avoid medical jargon unless absolutely necessary and explain complex concepts simply – this will help ensure your audience fully comprehends and engages with your topic.

Selecting an essay topic on health matters is a crucial element of writing. To maximize writing ease and creativity, choose something familiar or passionate to you that will allow for easy development of an argument and essay writing. Also look for topics with multiple applications or benefits.

Finally, it is crucial that you create an outline for your essay. An outline can help organize your ideas and ensure that all pertinent topics are covered within it. It can also assist in determining how long and format the essay should take; making sure that no time or space are lost while writing. It is essential that you adhere to your plan while writing so as not to run out.

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