Ways To Keep Your Car’s Paint Protected

Damage like peeling paint, rust spots, and scratches can quickly lower the value of your car. Of course, your car may have good technical parts and drive well. Although, if it doesn’t look good, you’ll feel bad driving it, and if you try to sell it, you won’t get full value.

Keep your car looking brand new with these tips, even if it’s not. Though some of these tips are free, others will take a little work. Although some tips cost money, they are worth it in the long run.

Apply Paint Protection 

Luxury cars must have paint safety film. You are not the only one who has ever wished they could just wrap their car in plastic to keep it safe. Some makers have thought of that very same thing.

Plastic covers are available that will keep salt, sand off and maintain your Tesla paint protection in the winter. Multiple trustworthy names exist, but they all need to be applied by a professional because it takes time and skill.

Regular Cleaning, Clay Bar Treatment, Wax

A once-a-week wash will help get rid of road salt before it does any damage in the winter. You can go every two or three weeks in the summer, as long as you’re not going on dirt roads.

To protect the paint on your car, have it detailed by a professional and then waxed by a professional. A simple but important step that is often missed is the clay bar treatment. Some things, like brake dust, are hard for soap to get rid of, but this will get rid of everything that’s left over.

 The sticky clay bar is the only way to get rid of the fine layer of tiny particles that are left behind. It’s possible to scratch your car while you wax and clean it if you don’t use the clay bar.

Keep Keys Contained

Keychains hang from some people’s doors because they don’t have keyless entry. Due to the metal nature of keys, this is a bad habit for keeping paint in good shape.

You can easily fix the problem, even if you can’t learn how to take the keys out correctly. Purchase a soft key case that can hold all of your extra keys. Most importantly, you’ll probably also keep your phone from getting scratched.

Additionally, do not place wallets, satchels, or backpacks with metal hardware on the top of your vehicle. They can scratch the shine very easily, especially if they keep sliding off.

Put In Mud Flaps

When you have mud flaps, tire spray doesn’t fly everywhere. People who are driving big cars, like SUVs and trucks, are treated better, but people who are driving small cars will also get extra help.

Putting mud flaps in your wheel wells will keep water, dirt, salty slush, small rocks, and brake dust from building up on the bumper and in the wheel wells. They work well to keep rock chips away. But you have to put them in the right way or they can get road salt stuck in them, especially in the screw holes.

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